Week 12- Topic of Interest: ICT and Early Childhood- Online Drawing Journal

In my professional experience, I have come across an interesting link of online drawing journal for blogging activity. Children feel free to draw anything which they have learned based on the lesson.  In this online drawing activity, there are few characters of cartoons available children to choose. Teachers can carry out this activity using interactive board.


sid 2

Here is the link:

Sid The Science Kid: Drawing Character Journal

Other online blog to record children’s learning can be used as well, such as Kidblog.

From the response of the children based on one of my lesson, they were excited about it. Children love to see how they can draw simple pictures by just moving their fingers on the interactive board.  Different colors  and clip arts were provided to make their pictures more interesting. Besides that, children can also share with their friends about their work or they can save and print it out to be compiled as portfolios.

My friend, Choy Yee has shared her idea about online blogs for children’s learning through photo sharing app. For example, Snap and Share Kids Cam. You can explore more about this app from her blog.

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