Week 12- Learning to create slides

During my professional experience, the full ICTs resources in the classroom have impacted my ICTs integration in teaching. Due to interactive board was provided in the class, every lesson were planned through using Power Point slides or videos as the main support in teaching for children’s effective learning.

In planning my very first lesson, I put in all the effort in creating the best slides as I can. As I didn’t have any experience in creating slides for teaching purposes in children’s context, the slides that I have created filled with a lot of wordings, and not much pictures provided for children. On the first lesson, my slides was rejected by my mentor. In that moment itself, no one can understand how stress I am dealing with lots of skills which I need to pick up in integrating ICTs to enhance children’s learning. I need to re-do again by organizing all the content with more pictures attached provided for the children.

I have learned that presentation of Power Point slides used as the teaching tool is different from my course studies presentation.  In creating the slides, teachers need to use pictures which are big and clear with few wordings, red color words can be used to emphasize on the important words that children will need to learn. Colorful words and pictures can be used to attract children’s attention and make the lesson interesting. Teachers can explain more through pictures in the slides and children able to remember better when pictures are given to them on the slides. Pictures on the slides literally “speak visually, as it able to provide information and communicate via spoken words (Vlcek & Lane, 2013). Including pictures in presentation during teaching is a powerful and simple way to impact on teacher’s effectiveness.

Teachers can create slides through Powtoon, SlidesShare, and HelloSlide. More information can be found through this link !


Vlcek, A. & Lane, R. (2013). Speaking visually: Eight roles pictures play in presentation. Retrieved May 30, 2013, from http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint-help/speaking-visually-eight-roles-pictures-play-in-presentation-HA010361422.aspx

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