Week 11- The Touch Technology Generation

As I am doing research for theories in preparation for essay in Part D assignment 3, I found an interesting article which discussed about the role of parents response towards digital technologies have impacted young children’s learning these days. “The Touch Screen Generation”  article worth your time to read through!

How digital technologies impacted young children development? Generally, children learn through interactive games, digital stories in different apps that can be found in the tablet. Parents download different apps for children’s learning, and through this tablet which is handy, can be access anytime, everywhere they go.  Due to this reason, parents at the end of the day treating tablets like important and precious gadgets that will perform miracles for their child’s intelligence skill. Otherwise, the child will end up one of those who is not smart enough, sad and pale creatures who can’t have eye contact.

Until today, not any research has proved that the I-Pad can make a child smarter or teach her to speak any language (Rosin, 2013). The device has been out for around 5 years, not much more than the time which takes some researchers to find information and gather research topic . So, how can parents do about it?

Through the video attach in the article above, what they said is so true, “How parents behave towards digital technologies will reflect on how their child’s responses towards technologies.” Please view through the video, as it make sense to the teachers and parents out there!



Rosin, H. (2013). The Touch Screen Generation. Retrieved May 30, 2013, from http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/04/the-touch-screen-generation/309250/

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