Week 11- The Last Day

Finally it has come to an end of my practical, there is a mix feeling within me. Throughout the 3 weeks of practical, I have learned and discovered a lot of different ways of integrating ICTs into my lessons. Although it is quite a stressful weeks for me, but finally I still managed to pull through! The way of how I handle children with too much love and care allow them to be too rely on teachers in their learning progress sometimes. I need to learn in improving my classroom management  for children’s effective learning, besides that it also enable them to take charge in their own learning without relying too much on the teachers and parents.

Here are a few useful links for teachers to have a range of creative ideas for effective classroom management:

Top Ten Classroom Management Ideas and Resources

Classroom Management- Tested Tips

In my school context, a lot of rich families sending their children into this school. Different approaches need to be used in different child characters. I have learned that children are the first person to be respected, and they are the main customers in the school as they spend most of the time in school. Besides meeting high expectations of the parents, it is important to carefully plan lessons and learning activities that suitable which according to children’s learning abilities.

Hence, children were exposed to ICTs gadgets at home, this has allowed them to apply their learning easily on interactive whiteboard throughout my lessons. Although I believe ICTs can be the main support of teaching in children’s learning experiences, but ICTs can’t replace everything. It is important for teachers to be balance in using traditional and innovative approach that suitable which according to children’s learning needs and abilities.


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