Week 10- Topic of Interest (The Interactive Whiteboard’s)

The school in my practical placement using interactive whiteboards as the main support in teaching all ages of the children. Each of the class fully equipped with ICT resources, such as interactive boards, speakers, laptops and projectors.  It has developed a little fear within me when I went into the school as I don’t have any knowledge and experience in using interactive whiteboard. However, I managed to give myself a chance since it is a blessing for me to explore NEW STUFFS  in this school.

Due to this reason, every lesson that I plan need to be in the form of Power Point slides, so that every information and pictures of the lessons able to flash to interactive whiteboard through the projector. This school doesn’t have computer lab and it includes big class of children. Because of this, I have the same view with Megan which she also mentioned in her blog post, children will take turn to have hands on experience in exploring interactive whiteboard through interactive games and learning activities. Based on the few lessons that I have conducted, I realized that children were feeling excited when they have opportunity to have learning experience on interactive whiteboards, they love to see how things being moved just through single touch of their fingers.

However, there are always pros and cons in using interactive whiteboard. For example, the software used in the interactive board need to be always updated, or else the board can’t function well. Besides that, it cost a very high maintenance fee each year to service the board. For projector, it have short life span, for each projector, it can be used maximum up to 3 years, and the cost are high for high efficiency projector.

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Besides that, Mrs Poulter have shared a very good view about using interactive board on her blog post. Feel free to browse through it!


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