Week 5- Constructing Knowledge and Transforming Knowledge

                                                                            (Jones, 2013)

On week 4 learning activities on Studydesk, I have learned two terms in student’s learning processes, which are Constructing Knowledge and Transforming Knowledge. Freebody (2005) describes knowledge and skills are weaves together in the alignment of assessment and pedagogy, curriculum that includes the integration of ICTs in children’s learning experiences. These learning processes are important for student’s learning, because it enables them to apply their knowledge and skills creatively in real world experiences.

From my understanding, Constructing Knowledge is about children’s understanding of concepts, facts and procedures in their learning experiences. Whereas, Transforming Knowledge is about students applying their knowledge and skills in new situations as they make meaning in learning. Also, to extend student’s learning in the process of Transforming Knowledge, carefully planned learning activities for students able to enhance their thinking skills.

I believe it is crucial for students to develop both the knowledge and specific skills in their learning process. These two learning processes not only help students to make meaning in their learning, but it also will help teachers in planning effective teaching strategies in order to develop students to be lifelong learners. I agree with Choy Yee in her blog whereby this learning processes not only for us as teachers to apply for our assignment purposes, but for the effectiveness of student’s learning.

For my unit planning in Assignment 2, these two learning processes in student’s learning indeed has helped me to plan lesson more effectively with the integration of ICTs. Based on the image of Bloom Taxonomy, there are suitable words can be used in developing my unit plan. Through this unit plan, it allows me to show my understanding about student’s learning process of Constructing Knowledge and Transforming Knowledge. For instance, words that represent level of constructing knowledge include: Understanding, Applying and Remembering. Words such as, Analyzing, Creating and Evaluating can represent the level of Transforming Knowledge.



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