Week 3- Personal Learning Network (PLN) Make a Difference!

Personal Learning Network (PLN) has make a difference in my learning experiences in exploring ICTs in this course. This enable me to achieve the effectiveness in integrating ICTs into my teaching soon. My experience in PLN has allowed me to discover more about what I really learned in this course through reflective activities in blogging, it also has allowed me to make connection with different people around the world to share and exchange ideas for my understanding about ICTs in teaching.

From my discovery learning in Studydesk for my these past 2 weeks, I believed to be an effective teacher in this 21st century, there are certain roles for me to take on in order for me to achieve my goal for my future teaching in learning to integrate ICTs in teaching. Firstly, is regarding Personal Learning Network (PLN). PLN is about building social networking.  According to Buchanan, 2011, Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a group of different people to share information and engage with each other. It is a strong foundation to be laid so that we can receive help and support  in providing resources or ideas from people around the world within our connection. Through this few weeks, I have learned to start my PLN from my blogging activities, Facebook and joining Diigo group to receive necessary support and share resources with my peers around the world. I strong believed, starting PLN can form from different questions in my mind, “Is my relationships help me to develop my PLN?” “How about my personal experiences? How far it can help my peers in providing necessary support and ideas in their PLN?”  I agree with Kate and Helena views about PLN on their written blog, they mentioned that with the help of PLN, learning through networking will never end as it is exist until today and update time to time appearing in different media and online resources.

From the blog of Mark Wagner, I am amazed by his questions that he often asked in his workshop. “Who do you turn to in your own professional development?” He mentioned further that, the importance of extending personal network online, which is beyond the limits in our personal experiences, beyond the four walls in the school, but beyond the communities throughout the world!

Through different resources that I received online, I have learned the importance of teacher to take charge in our own learning. Learning experiences happen can be out of the box, through creativity that we have within us. At the end of the day, the answers for these question still depend on us, “Are we independent enough to take charge of our own learning?” “Are we courageous enough to explore the world to gain own knowledge and experiences for learning?”

Be courageous today to explore the world for a better future in children’s learning!


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