Week 12- Embarking new journey as educator

Hahaha! As I am struggling to find other interesting ICTs topic to write, some thoughts did running through my mind..My whole learning progress throughout ICTs course, professional experience, time when tears just rolled down because of blank mind which not sure about assignment, time of relief each time after submission of assignment, everything that I am going through, every experience that I have gained has turned out to be very valuable lesson to me.

Today, I have realized that how ICTs become so important in society nowadays, it is impacting everyone. Of course, there will be pros and cons as well. As educator, although I have learned that integrating ICTs to support children’s learning is important, but I still believe that it always need a balance in using ICTs and traditional way when planning lessons.

Technology’s Impact on Learning

ICT tools for Education

Supporting learning with ICTs in Pre-School Setting

The semester has come to an end, it is my last prayer that I will pass this course with a flying color result.

New journey as educator will begin soon…All the best everyone!


Week 12- Topic of Interest: ICT and Early Childhood- Online Drawing Journal

In my professional experience, I have come across an interesting link of online drawing journal for blogging activity. Children feel free to draw anything which they have learned based on the lesson.  In this online drawing activity, there are few characters of cartoons available children to choose. Teachers can carry out this activity using interactive board.


sid 2

Here is the link:

Sid The Science Kid: Drawing Character Journal

Other online blog to record children’s learning can be used as well, such as Kidblog.

From the response of the children based on one of my lesson, they were excited about it. Children love to see how they can draw simple pictures by just moving their fingers on the interactive board.  Different colors  and clip arts were provided to make their pictures more interesting. Besides that, children can also share with their friends about their work or they can save and print it out to be compiled as portfolios.

My friend, Choy Yee has shared her idea about online blogs for children’s learning through photo sharing app. For example, Snap and Share Kids Cam. You can explore more about this app from her blog.

Week 12- Learning to create slides

During my professional experience, the full ICTs resources in the classroom have impacted my ICTs integration in teaching. Due to interactive board was provided in the class, every lesson were planned through using Power Point slides or videos as the main support in teaching for children’s effective learning.

In planning my very first lesson, I put in all the effort in creating the best slides as I can. As I didn’t have any experience in creating slides for teaching purposes in children’s context, the slides that I have created filled with a lot of wordings, and not much pictures provided for children. On the first lesson, my slides was rejected by my mentor. In that moment itself, no one can understand how stress I am dealing with lots of skills which I need to pick up in integrating ICTs to enhance children’s learning. I need to re-do again by organizing all the content with more pictures attached provided for the children.

I have learned that presentation of Power Point slides used as the teaching tool is different from my course studies presentation.  In creating the slides, teachers need to use pictures which are big and clear with few wordings, red color words can be used to emphasize on the important words that children will need to learn. Colorful words and pictures can be used to attract children’s attention and make the lesson interesting. Teachers can explain more through pictures in the slides and children able to remember better when pictures are given to them on the slides. Pictures on the slides literally “speak visually, as it able to provide information and communicate via spoken words (Vlcek & Lane, 2013). Including pictures in presentation during teaching is a powerful and simple way to impact on teacher’s effectiveness.

Teachers can create slides through Powtoon, SlidesShare, and HelloSlide. More information can be found through this link !


Vlcek, A. & Lane, R. (2013). Speaking visually: Eight roles pictures play in presentation. Retrieved May 30, 2013, from http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint-help/speaking-visually-eight-roles-pictures-play-in-presentation-HA010361422.aspx

Week 11- The Touch Technology Generation

As I am doing research for theories in preparation for essay in Part D assignment 3, I found an interesting article which discussed about the role of parents response towards digital technologies have impacted young children’s learning these days. “The Touch Screen Generation”  article worth your time to read through!

How digital technologies impacted young children development? Generally, children learn through interactive games, digital stories in different apps that can be found in the tablet. Parents download different apps for children’s learning, and through this tablet which is handy, can be access anytime, everywhere they go.  Due to this reason, parents at the end of the day treating tablets like important and precious gadgets that will perform miracles for their child’s intelligence skill. Otherwise, the child will end up one of those who is not smart enough, sad and pale creatures who can’t have eye contact.

Until today, not any research has proved that the I-Pad can make a child smarter or teach her to speak any language (Rosin, 2013). The device has been out for around 5 years, not much more than the time which takes some researchers to find information and gather research topic . So, how can parents do about it?

Through the video attach in the article above, what they said is so true, “How parents behave towards digital technologies will reflect on how their child’s responses towards technologies.” Please view through the video, as it make sense to the teachers and parents out there!



Rosin, H. (2013). The Touch Screen Generation. Retrieved May 30, 2013, from http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/04/the-touch-screen-generation/309250/

Week 11- TIP model

Throughout my learning in this ICTs course, it has allowed me to learn new things on every module. These days, I have discovered something totally NEW to me again, which is TIP ( The Technology Integration Planning) model. This model generally guide us in planning lesson which we need to determine what we want children to learn, and how ICTs can support and enhance children’s learning in applying their understanding on what they have learned.

This model developed by Roblyer (2006) and he indicates that it include of 5 phases:

1. Determine relative advantage

-What children can benefit in their learning from the lesson.

2. Decide on objectives and assessment

3. Design integration strategies

-How the lesson can be integrate with other key learning areas.

4. Prepare the instructional environment

-How learning environment can be organized with ICTs resources so that all strategies plan are workable.

-How to improve the lesson and what strategies worked well.

-How ICTs can improve children’s learning

5. Revise integration strategies by Finger (2007)

-Use ICTs integration strategies

Here are more information about TIP model:

The Technology Integration Model

Lorraine Vickery- The Technology Integration Model



Roblyer, M.D (2006) Integrating educational technology into teaching, 4th edn, Pearson Merrill Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Finger, G., Russell, G., Jamieson-Proctor, R., & Russell, N. (2007). Transforming Learning with ICT: Making it Happen. Pearson Education Australia.


Week 11- The Last Day

Finally it has come to an end of my practical, there is a mix feeling within me. Throughout the 3 weeks of practical, I have learned and discovered a lot of different ways of integrating ICTs into my lessons. Although it is quite a stressful weeks for me, but finally I still managed to pull through! The way of how I handle children with too much love and care allow them to be too rely on teachers in their learning progress sometimes. I need to learn in improving my classroom management  for children’s effective learning, besides that it also enable them to take charge in their own learning without relying too much on the teachers and parents.

Here are a few useful links for teachers to have a range of creative ideas for effective classroom management:

Top Ten Classroom Management Ideas and Resources

Classroom Management- Tested Tips

In my school context, a lot of rich families sending their children into this school. Different approaches need to be used in different child characters. I have learned that children are the first person to be respected, and they are the main customers in the school as they spend most of the time in school. Besides meeting high expectations of the parents, it is important to carefully plan lessons and learning activities that suitable which according to children’s learning abilities.

Hence, children were exposed to ICTs gadgets at home, this has allowed them to apply their learning easily on interactive whiteboard throughout my lessons. Although I believe ICTs can be the main support of teaching in children’s learning experiences, but ICTs can’t replace everything. It is important for teachers to be balance in using traditional and innovative approach that suitable which according to children’s learning needs and abilities.


Gurley, L. (2011). Top ten classroom management ideas and resources. Retrieved May 23, 2013, from http://www.the-teachers-lounge.com/blog/2011/10/the-best-classroom-management-ideas-resources/

Hopskin, G. (2010). Classroom management- Tested tips. Retrieved May 23, 2013, from http://www.educationworld.com/a_curr/curr261.shtml

Week 10- Topic of Interest (The Interactive Whiteboard’s)

The school in my practical placement using interactive whiteboards as the main support in teaching all ages of the children. Each of the class fully equipped with ICT resources, such as interactive boards, speakers, laptops and projectors.  It has developed a little fear within me when I went into the school as I don’t have any knowledge and experience in using interactive whiteboard. However, I managed to give myself a chance since it is a blessing for me to explore NEW STUFFS  in this school.

Due to this reason, every lesson that I plan need to be in the form of Power Point slides, so that every information and pictures of the lessons able to flash to interactive whiteboard through the projector. This school doesn’t have computer lab and it includes big class of children. Because of this, I have the same view with Megan which she also mentioned in her blog post, children will take turn to have hands on experience in exploring interactive whiteboard through interactive games and learning activities. Based on the few lessons that I have conducted, I realized that children were feeling excited when they have opportunity to have learning experience on interactive whiteboards, they love to see how things being moved just through single touch of their fingers.

However, there are always pros and cons in using interactive whiteboard. For example, the software used in the interactive board need to be always updated, or else the board can’t function well. Besides that, it cost a very high maintenance fee each year to service the board. For projector, it have short life span, for each projector, it can be used maximum up to 3 years, and the cost are high for high efficiency projector.

Here are the links for further information about interactive whiteboard:

Interactive Whiteboards- The Pros and Cons

The Interactive Whiteboard- Weighing the Pros and Cons

Besides that, Mrs Poulter have shared a very good view about using interactive board on her blog post. Feel free to browse through it!


Raynaud, M. (n.d.). The interactive whiteboard- Weighing the pros and cons. Retrieved May 23, 2013, from http://www.qualitytime-esl.com/spip.php?article184

Wright, R. S. (2013). Interactive boards- The pros and cons. Retrieved May 23, 2013, from http://simonandbec.wordpress.com/interactive-whiteboards-the-pros-and-cons/


Week 10- The Creative Classroom

Is part of my passion to plan lessons creatively for my children to enjoy the lessons so that they can make meaning in their learning. Surprisingly, I received a positive compliment from my mentor whereby my lessons are creative. This has attracted children to participate in the learning activities and eventually it has developed their interest in exploring about the lesson. Through the positive comment from my mentor, it has boost up my confidence to plan more interesting lessons for children through fun learning activities.

In the role play activity on one of the English lesson, children enjoy throughout the learning activity. Children were excited when they able to use different props to act in front of their peers with background music provided. Although it has took me a lot of time and effort to plan out the role play activity by preparing different interesting props, searching for suitable background music and pictures, but I know at the end of the day my hard work paid off. I have seen how children enjoy the lesson, their excitement and joy has developed the satisfaction within me as a student teacher who willing to go further for my teaching career.

Feel free to drop by my friends blog posts in sharing their thoughts about creative classroom, which are Michael and Neena. To know further information about creative classroom, here will be a great link to help you. Besides that, this link will also help you to discover different ways to promote creativity in your classroom.

Also through the positive comment from mentor and children’s responses towards my lessons, it has allowed me to understand myself further on the next stage. Today, I know…actually I am a PERFECTIONIST! To be a perfectionist teacher, children are blessed in their learning journey, because I believe it will impact in different areas of their life one day…

My journey as a life transforming teacher just going to begin…^^



Albert Einstein quote. (2013). Retrieved May 23, 2013, from http://cdn.innovationexcellence.com/components/com_wordpress/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/creativity.jpg

Week 10- Thoughts to garther to move on for Assignment 3

On one of the learning path in week 10, we were required to start to gather our planning and thoughts for Part B in Assignment 3. Although my mind is still blank due to heavy workload for lessons preparation in my practical, but I know I still need to squeeze out  my brain juice despite how busy I am. Part B in Assignment 3 required us to think about different models or approaches that we would love to use in planning our teaching throughout the 3 weeks of practical.

Here is all the model that I would love to use in the planning for teaching in my practical:

1. Bloom Taxonomy

2. QSA- 5 elements


4. TIP model

5. Toolbelt Theory

6. Backward Design

7. The Australian Curriculum

Here are my friends, Vicky and Rachel, they would share their ideas and thoughts in their blogposts about their planning in teaching.

All the best everyone in your practical!;)

Week 9- Problems faced in previous prac can be solved after all!!!

In one of our learning activities for this week, David requested us to post about the problems that we faced in previous practical through the use of ICTs.

On my previous practical, I connect the English lesson with art and craft activity in the season of Mother’s Day. I created PPT slides with few different pictures attached about the story. Student able to concentrate throughout the lesson as different interesting pictures capture their attention. Then I integrate with art activity whereby students will create Mother’s Day card using the picture of bear found online. Students will combine different body parts of the bear and paste it on the card to form the bear that they love.

My previous school didn’t have internet access, that’s why I need to download all the online resources before hand so that I can carry out those activities with the students. Also due to lack of resources in school, online resources have allowed me to plan lesson creatively through using online pictures and songs in order for children further understanding. Although it took me quite a long while to download all the online resources, but when I see how children enjoy the lesson, there is a satisfaction within me as a student teacher.

Today for this practical, I managed to go to a school fully equipped with ICT resources, this has taught me to learn how to fully utilize ICT as a support for children’s effective learning. I will share more about my learning experience in my practical on the next few blog posts soon!

Stay tuned!^^